IMG_3086 Cub Leader photo

Day for Daniel 2012

Day for Daniel 2012 was so much fun!!

The Cubs all had a runaround game. Then came the fun stuff… we all painted one of our hands red & imprinted it onto a white sheet & Paris wrote their names next to each hand.

We then spoke about a few different situations in which a child could find themselves. Two of the scenarios we discussed were:

  1. A predator could pull up on the side of the road, ask a child for directions, pretend they can’t hear them and ask the child to come closer…
  2. A predator could ask a child to help them find their lost puppy…

We also asked the Cubs to practice their scream and cause a scene to attract attention of other people nearby.

We taught them the STOP hand signal….. Stop! My body belongs to me!!

We discussed if they start to feel uncomfortable, or if the hairs on their neck stand up, or someone invades their body space… and how these are all signs that something is wrong, and immediately to act on it.

At 6pm, Bill Dutton, a Police Constable from Kawana Police station, came in.  He spoke about safety and danger. He also showed the cubs everything that a Police Officer wears on their belt… they loved it!!  But when he got the tazer out, one of the Cubs asked him to tazer Wombat so they could watch… charming!!!