24th Australian Jamboree


24th Australian Jamboree
Cataract Scout Park, Sydney New South Wales
3 – 14 January 2016

Welcome to one of the greatest experiences of your life. A jamboree is a unique event in which you get to camp with your fellow Scouts for 10 days. You will make many new friends, meet up with some old friends and experience new cultures. You will have the opportunity to experience non-stop activity during the day and on into the evening. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by, be prepared to Leap into Adventure.

General Jamboree enquiries can be made to the QLD Contingent. You can email jamboree@scoutsqld.com.au or call Qld Branch HQ on 38707000.

I look forward to receiving your application to become a member of the Queensland Contingent and sharing this Jamboree with you.

Steve “Wolf” Marshall
Contingent Leader

Download 2015 Scouts Qld Contingent Information PDF