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Region Cub Camp

What a great camp!! Well done Kawana Cubs for being so well behaved and for considering others.  We had 5 cubs who had never been on a cub camp before and a couple of others who have only been on one camp.  So great work all of our older cubs for helping to teach the newer ones the ways of the cub scout camping world!!  And new cubs you did an amazing job considering this is one of the biggest camps you will go to!!  There were 117 cubs altogether at this camp.  So hang in there the next camp will be a breeze for you!!
Enjoy some of the pictures from the camp below.

After a torrential downpour of rain, which seemed like a year’s worth of rain in 30mins, things seemed to dry out quickly and the cubs just got on with it.  It was great to see Kawana cubs mixing with cubs from all different packs and getting in there and trying all of the activities.

Some activities we did on camp include:

  • Canoeing on Dunethin Lake – I think the cubs spent as much time in the water as they did in the canoes!!
  • Geo-caching – sort of like orienteering but a lot cooler.
  • JOTA – connecting with scouts all around the world over the internet/air – the cubs tried walkie talkies, morse code, and semaphore flags.
  • Lots of games and craft activities.
  • Go-cart racing,
  • Sumo wrestling,
  • Obstacle course,
  • Waterslide, and
  • Painting a block wall with international symbols.
  • We had a special campfire with lots of singing, skits and a fire twirler!!  On Sunday morning we walked to the top of Dunethin Rock for our Scouts Own and some reflection time – what an amazing view!!

If you are missing any belongings or have gained some belongings can you please bring them to cubs on Friday night and we will try to find rightful owners!!

Day for Daniel

Thank you to those parents who helped us with our walk on Friday night!! – a little challenging getting that many cubs and joeys across Nicklin Way but a great success and lots of fun was had by all!!  And thanks Mongoose for your stranger danger input – you did look a little strange!! … I don’t think you convinced many Cubs or Joeys that they were in any danger though!!

Scouts Rocky Creek Weekend

Kawana Scouts had a great camp at Rocky Creek last weekend!

What a fantastic learning experience for this young troop! The patrols worked well together to erect the Queenslander tents, with a dining fly and learnt many new skills. They practiced their lashings, also making a dining table and stool set.

They cooked 4 bell oven chickens on an open fire that tasted superb! They also did some abseiling and blacksmithing and had a fun campfire at Rocky Creek – what a fabulous place to be!

Great to see so many of them enjoyed a well organised and fun camp. Well done Scouts, Senior patrol leader Gordon and our dedicated Scout Leaders!!